December 13, 2017




Krupyanoy dvor




Progressive Ukrainian company "Trapeza", which is part of the corporation "Dubaev Product", always keeps pace with the times and in some ways even surpasses it. We value innovations in production, traditions in cooking and create high-quality premium products based on the principles of taste, utility, convenience and aesthetics. Products of the company "Trapeza" consists of rice, legumes, flakes, flour and pasta of soft varieties, fully complies with the principles stated above and is the best choice in the segment of healthy food products.

The system approach, fresh marketing ideas, allowed the products of the "Attuale" brand to become the leader in sales, among the Ukrainian producers of cereals and rice.
We look to the future. We clearly see the outlook for the development of our brand. Our team makes every effort to ensure that the company "Attuale" continues to delight our customers with its unique taste and health benefits.

Krupyanoy dvor

TC "Krupyanoy Dvor" is a part of the corporation "Dubaev product", specializing in the production, packing and sale of cereals, pasta and legumes.
The brand cooperates with large companies of Pakistan, India, USA, Turkey, China, Egypt, Kazakhstan and Thailand.
"Krupyanoy Dvor" maintains stable, long-term and mutually beneficial relations with the leading companies from the food industry and restaurant business.

The rice "Yoshi" is specially prepared for sushi. This sort of rice, based on quality indicators, is an indispensable basis for sushi rolls. Its grains are well bonded and still keep in shape even if you do not use norias. In connection with the special taste of rice, "Yoshi" is perfectly combined with any components of Japanese cuisine. In addition, this rice variety is a source of heavy carbohydrates and fiber. Rice "Yoshi" is used in the best restaurants of Japanese cuisine around the world.


Rice "Sacramento" is traditionally used in Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines. White rice grains have a light aroma, which is perfectly combined with various components of dishes. Rice "Sacramento" also contains a large number of useful vitamins and minerals. After cooking, rice gets a gentle and pleasant aroma, it becomes soft and airy, the grains are perfectly adhering, without losing shape. Thanks to a special treatment, the rice lasts longer whiteness, and also keeps the shape of the grain after cooking.