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The corporation "Dubaev Product" takes its name on behalf of the brave husband and skillful leader of Duba Djukaev Vashindaroyevsky. Oak Vashindaroyevsky, distinguished by his nobility, honor and respectfulness, left a sweeping line in history. Under his leadership, a small farm turned into a large settlement of Duba-Yurt. Situated on the bank of the river, between the green gorges of the Caucasus Mountains, the village of Duba-Yurt is flourishing today. With the generic luggage of traditions and experience, cultivated in flowering lands, the descendants and followers of Oaks of Vashinradoevsky founded the "Dubaev Product". In its business, the corporation also firmly achieves success by combining the products with taste, quality and benefit.



Combining the innovative technologies of the food industry with the centuries-old traditions of production, the corporation "Dubaev Product" with care and responsibility refers to the cultivation of crops, the selection and processing of grain. To do this, the quality of the product is closely monitored at every stage of its production. All the products of the corporation are made only from selected, high-quality raw materials. Own agricultural lands allow growing selected grain. Additional purchase of raw materials is carried out in areas with the most favorable climate for this type of product. High qualification of specialists, advanced technology, modern equipment, powerful technical equipment allow to produce macaroni, flour and cereals of high quality. Particular attention is paid not only to quality indicators, but also to external design: packaging of products allows you to easily notice it on the shelf and retains all the useful qualities of the product. Thanks to this, the products of the brands "Dubaev Product" enjoys increasing popularity among consumers and occupies a leading position in the market.



A wide range of pasta and cereals is supplied to all regions of Ukraine. The products are sold in the largest trading networks by the leading players of the market. The corporation cooperates with large companies of Pakistan, India, USA, Turkey, China, Egypt, Kazakhstan and Thailand. We look to the future. We clearly see the outlook for the development of our brand. And we want to acquaint the whole world with the riches of our land.



The corporation "Dubaev Product" combines several different progressive Ukrainian brands, covering all possible segments of demand. Trading companies "Attuale", "Trapeza" and "Krupyanaya Dvor" specialize in the production, packing and sale of high-quality cereals, cereals, pasta and legumes. The company "Trapeza" creates premium quality products based on the principles of taste, utility, convenience and aesthetics, created for true gourmets and connoisseurs of refinement. The production of Trapeza is the best choice in the segment of healthy food. Attuale produces high-quality products for healthy food at affordable prices. TC "Krupyanoy Dvor" specializes in wholesale deliveries, imports and exports. Maintains stable, long-term and mutually beneficial relations with leading companies from the food industry.

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